Full shipping - direct

Direct transport:

Given the limitations on international freight transport, BRE International Transport and Express Shipment provides direct transport services from China to Iran for your special freights via its offices and skilled coordination personnel to relieve you of concerns for inspection and clearance in intermediate countries. Moreover, BRE International Transport and Express Shipment has taken measures to directly transport even the most special freight without return concerns for merchants by eliminating intermediate parties and high transport cost risks.

Advantages of direct transport include the following:

  • Complete elimination of intermediate parties
  • Elimination of freight inspection delay
  • Elimination of risk of return from an intermediate country
  • Elimination of transport costs imposed by the intermediate parties
  • Elimination of clearance expenses in intermediate countries
  • Elimination of concerns for inspection in intermediate countries due to direct transport
  • Highly competitive price especially due to the elimination of intermediate parties and, hence, full control and responsibility as regards the transport