One day clearance

Single-day clearance:

  Single-day clearance of goods via the fastest services is desired by many merchants and companies. Having one of the largest depots in Imam Khomeini International Airport with an experienced team at the depot and dedicated experts at the central office, BRE International Transport and Express Shipment provides this facility by keeping in contact with the customers and considering their requests throughout the coordination.

In this method, if the chosen freight transport service is Express or Special Express, and if the clearance is issued by the customs evaluator on the day of evaluation, the goods are evaluated and released in one day and transferred to the depot of BRE International Transport and Express Shipment at the central office in Tehran. They are then delivered to the customer as fast as possible through coordination with the customer.

The advantages of this service include the following:

  • Daily evaluation of several tons of goods, leading to specialization and eliminating delay.
  • Possibility of pre-clearance coordination with the customer and implementing the customer's request.
  • Assignment of experienced experts to each customer to provide better clearance conditions.
  • Possibility of implementing the customer's request regarding freight clearance
  • Continuous contact between experts and customers
  • Fast, single-day freight clearance
  • Possibility of contracts for fixed-rate clearance[SI1]  for similar goods
  • Online tracking of freight clearance via website
  • Useful and sincere consultancy given the present conditions and according to experienced experts' specialties
  • Win-win cooperation with the customer with regard for the customer's interest at all stages.
  • Reduction of the risks and concerns involved in freight clearance
  • Elimination of intermediate parties and, hence, concerns, costs, and time