Imam Khomeini International Airport Customs

Commercial clearance at Imam Khomeini International Airport:

  BRE International Transport and Express Shipment processes the commercial clearance of small and large goods at Imam Khomeini International Airport with different methods using professional, experienced, and reliable clearance teams. BRE performs this task by considering the requests of the customers. The advantages of this type of service are reliability, reduction of risks and concerns, and elimination of intermediate parties.

  • Pre-clearance coordination with the customer and implementing the customer's request.
  • Assignment of experienced experts to each customer to provide better clearance conditions.
  • Possibility of implementing the customer's request regarding freight clearance
  • Continuous contact between experts and customers
  • Fastest possible clearance and daily processing of tasks
  • Possibility of contracts for fixed-rate clearance for similar goods
  • Online tracking of freight clearance via website and personnel
  • Useful and sincere consultancy given the present conditions and according to experienced experts' specialties
  • Win-win cooperation with the customer with regard for the customer's interest at all stages.
  • Reduction of the risks and concerns involved in freight clearance
  • Elimination of intermediate parties and, hence, concerns, costs, and time
  • Transparency and sincerity throughout the job
  • Possibility of choosing various clearance methods considering freight conditions and specifications